Accurate measurement and Visualistion of Fuel Oil and Lubricants

This application involved visualising the temperature compensated level and volume of eleven 14 meter high tanks containing various fuel oils and lubricants. The customer wanted to display the following parameters on a central PC:

  • Level
  • Multipoint temperature values
  • Volume
  • Mass

All compensation calculations had to be done on the customers local PC (the customer did want to make use of a PLC or control system in this instance). In order to collect the data, do the required calculation and display the data to the operator we made use of the following equipment.

  • 11 MicroTREK HTT-414-4 guided microwave level transmitters
  • 11 THERMOPOINT TMK-53E-4 multipoint temperature transmitters
  • 3 MultiCONT PEW-28A-1 multichannel process controllers
  • NIVISION process visualization software


A basic schematic overview of the installation and ssytem components is displayed below:

In this instance we made use of an ADAM converter to convert the RS485 Modus RTU signal to a USB interface which we could connect directly to the control room PC.

Below is the control room view of the project showing the three MultiCONT units as well as the operator monitor:

The software also calculates the volume in litres and tonnes while a background application calculates the volume and mass compensated to 15°C in accordance to the ASTM 54D (American Society for Testing and Materials) table. Thanks to the reliable measurements of the NIVELCO transmitters the calculated volume and mass values are accurate enough to satisfy the customers custody transfer requirements in an affordable manner.

It is possible, depending on customer requirements, to further expand the system to improve accuracy, add features (such as water bottom switches, overfill protection etc.), reporting and stock control.

Do not hesitate to contact us for your measurement, control and  visualisation requirements.