Technical Support by Experts that Understand your Applications and know their Products

Field instrumentation forms the basis of all process control and automation systems, quality control, inventory monitoring and management systems and many production management systems and processes. Often these devices have to perform their functions in adverse process conditions or have to comply with specific legislation such as custody transfer laws or explosion protection requirements. Mistakes during the selection, sizing, installation and commissioning (CAPEX) phases of your instrumentation all attract significant cost and time delays. Poor maintenance and faulty installation can also lead to dysfunctional cost drivers during the operation of your field instruments (OPEX).


VisiPraxis offers the following Basic Services:

Application Engineering

  • Instrument sizing and selection
  • Mechanical and electrical hook-up drawings
  • Field Network Design services


  • Mechanical Installation
  • Electrical Termination


  • Device Configuration
  • Loop Checks

Our Value-Added Services include:

  • Inventory Monitoring and Control
  • Data logging
  • Remote display and reporting of logged values
  • Influent and effluent monitoring
  • Sewer network monitoring
  • Remote alarming (via SMS or e-mail) of critical process values