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Compressed air, steam, natural gas and electricity distribution and usage incur costs that have increased at rates exceeding the producer and consumer price indices, for the last decade or more, prompting many businesses to seek ways to effectively monitor and manage their energy usage. Some of the most common applications used throughout the process, factory and logistics automation industries include:

[divider customsize=”20″][list type=”unorder”][listitem]Heating and cooling systems[/listitem][listitem]Refrigeration systems[/listitem][listitem]Ventilation systems[/listitem][listitem]Hot water systems[/listitem][listitem]Water treatment systems[/listitem][/list]
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The basis for any energy monitoring or management solution is the accurate measurement of key process variables, recording and visualisation of the measured values to set relevant KPIs for operators, supervisors and management.

An effective energy monitoring system will allow engineers, supervisors and operating staff to determine:

[divider customsize=”20″][list type=”unorder”][listitem]The ideal operating point for various types of equipment and processes[/listitem][listitem]Benchmark the system’s efficiency[/listitem][listitem]Allow for predictive maintenance (e.g. the build-up of scaling on heating and cooling systems, dumping excess hot water to drains etc.)[/listitem][listitem]Identifying leakages from closed systems[/listitem][/list]

Accurate and reliable monitoring of energy usage is the basis for setting tactical and strategic objectives to reduce overall energy consumption. Given the fact that many of these systems (e.g. boilers, refrigeration plants etc.) can consume energy more than its capital cost on an annual basis the investment to realise savings of just a few percentage points can have very fast pay back periods, typically recovering their investment in less than 12 months.

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VisiPraxis offers consulting, engineering and implementation services to help you identify and realise energy savings opportunities in the process, factory and building automation environments.

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