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Vendor Managed Inventory Control and Billing Management

It has become common place for many vendors in the chemical industry to bulk supply chemicals and bill for those chemicals on a per usage basis. Despite benefits for both the buyers and the sellers Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) has its fair share of challenges. Issues such as accurately determining the value of all inventory across any number of sites, actual inventory levels on any given site at a specific moment in time, accurate usage data, when to refill based on current and predicted inventory usage etc. can all lead to potential problems. In many cases compliance with the trade metrology act and other national standards are simply ignored which could result in costly disputes between buyer and seller or in the least significant expense effort to verify usage and reconcile invoicing.

VisiPraxis can resolve your measurement challenges, communicate and display measured values via any number of network topologies (incl. GSM, GPRS, 3/4G, Wireless or making used of existing corporate network infrastructure).

At the heart of our solutions is a true industrial SCADA system (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) capable of integrating with any modern relational database. This means you get industrial class reliability and graphics capable of being displayed on any device (in the office or on mobile devices), built in historians (trend your data), alarming (anything from low product levels to power trips or unusual usage rates), reporting and ultra-secure SSL technology to keep your data safe.

If you need a solution that is open, secure and scalable and that offers full visibility of your inventory why not talk to us. We have the expertise to assist you from the measurement point all the to the final report regardless of your product.